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est. 1979
Cape Cod, MA
Appaloosas of Quality, Color & Class since 1979
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Sweetwater Farms
The  partial list below is of additional services, retail shops, and more available at Sweetwater.

provides an in-stock inventory of quality show tack and apparel, geared to meet the varying needs and budgets of today's competitors from those who show locally, to the competitors on the Regional Circuits
and Zones, right and up to National & World Championship levels, with prices set accordingly. Whether selecting your head to toe signature show ensemble, or updating via re-creating an existing
wardrobe-we've got you covered! Please watch for our online store, currently in the process of being readied for this show season.

offers owners of 4 X 4s, beach buggies, and Truck & RV enthusiasts the perfect outlet for useful after-market products, replacement parts, routine RV maintenance, winterizing, wiring, and the installation of
parts and accessories, repairs, hitches, and plenty of gleaming chrome and eyecatching lights for trucks and trailers. From Big Rig drivers to owners of styling 4 X 4's, let Sweetwater Truck & RV help add more
style and shine to your truck. Check our Webshots Albumn, "Sweetwater's World of Wheels" to see some possibilites you may want to try on your ride. Safety first! Be sure to check all brake bearings, wheel
lugs, tire tread and pressure before thinking about putting a horse in your trailer! These services are offered at Sweetwater Truck & RV.  After 5pm appointments are possible. Also available is steel pick-up
and removal through BJR Enterprises, reached at info@bjrenterprises.com, or our Office Number.

is a one stop shop online venue to satisfy the needs of Model Horse enthusiasts, looking to purchase excellence in models and tack, by more than one artist, and for varying price ranges that typically can suit
most budgets.  Model horse collecting and showing is a wonderful hobby to pursue.  We've combined decades of experience obtained while showing and breeding Appaloosas, and years of studying model
horses, and the rules which govern their shows, to create a store to accommodate model collectors seeking to purchase show quality equine models, and the many components used to suitably display model
horses competitively.  Featured are a variety of beautiful painted, and unpainted artist's resins, featuring horses on the move, posed for show, and more; OOAK CM'd resins and models; a wide range of factory
and customized Breyer and Peter Stone models; and plenty of suitably sized tack and props. All are in stock and ready to bring the winning touches to your model entries and displays-whether for enjoying on
the mantel, gift giving or for competitively participating in Model Horse Shows- an enjoyable endeavor to say the least!

Custom Equine Portraiture, in a variety of mediums, by CCAG Juried, Award Winning Equine Artisan, Laurie Rylander, some stock work available. Portraiture in varied roster of mediums available by

Sweetwater Farms is located an
easy 2.9 miles from the
Interstate! Visitors by
    This list of links is partial & primarily geared towards many aspects of Model Horse Collecting & Showing. You can see some of our albums of models, dolls & tack via the links enclosed by us.

    RioRondo-(almost) All components required for creating top quality equine models, as well as a variety of buckles, silver accents & more to add to tack, and props to show them with!
    Desert Night Creations
    LSQ Halters and Western Bridles Custom Made For your horses! All halters have Rio Rondo Buckles and halter rings.. all of my Bridles use Rio Rondo bits! ALL Tack is Live Show Quality and have been used on
    Championship Horses!

    NAN quality tack, specializing in quality western saddle sets. Also includes
    dressage saddles, draft show harness, and accessories.

    The Unicorn Woman
    Finished Tack Items, Tack Kits, Leather Laces, other supplies

    D&H Custom Designs
    Horses, Harnesses, Wagons and More.

    Kokopelli Studios
    Makers of Show Quality tack for Traditional sized models including items such as Halters, Bridles, Bosals, Saddle Pads, English Saddles, Leg Wraps, Blankets, Fly Sheets, Buggy Whips, Harnesses, Native
    American items, Native Arabian items, Old West items, Calvary tack, Circus costumes, and much more!
    Orders are accepted daily until the month of May, when we take time out to prepare our booth items and show string for Breyerfest. Orders can still be placed during this time, of course, but will not be
    filled until August. Our website is often being added to, so check back every now and then when you have time!

    Forest of Ennien
    AT LAST!! Perfect fall leaves in Breyer traditional scale! You have to see these to believe these. Leaves are a mixture of elm, birch, maple, and oak, and are so detailed you can see the veins! Material is a
    Nylon-esq plastic, very durable. Colors are fantastic, and you can choose between several mixes. Take a look, you don't want to miss these!!! Email for pictures/questions

    Crystal Moon Stables Tack making
    I make Dressage saddles and other tack. Check out my want/trade list! If you are looking for costumes, bridles, or English saddles then you are welcome here. If you want to trade, sell, or give away
    unwanted horses then you are more than welcome here! If you like to customize, collect, and share your experiences, then you are totally welcome here!!!

    Ziyadiah Studios
    I make reasonably priced LSQ model horse tack. You will find everything you need on my site! Also custom made Silver Parade Sets!! And gorgeous Arabian Costumes. All sizes from large Trade to SM. Quick
    turn around time and I accept time payments!

    Custom Painted Resin Riders by Mickey
    Reasonably priced custom painted rider dolls for traditional sized models. Have won NAN and live show championships.

    Desert Rose Backdrops
    Beautiful photographs printed on heavy photographic paper of real places for your photo showing needs. Fast, reliable service.

    Sidhe Farms
    Championship quality photography

    Century Trails
    We make our own line of Model Horse Barns, Fence, Props, & Accessories. We also sell New Breyer & Peter Stone models. We carry many unique model items like padded caring case for your models,
    display shelves and much more.

    Lonesome Pine Ranch
    Tack Sales LSQ western and English saddles, and more

    HAR Ranch
    Model horse photography. Customizing. LSQ tack.

    Wild Horse Books & Art
    Books and plans for building model horse drawn vehicles.

    Blue Diamond Tack
    Blue Diamond Tack makes mostly English tack. Live Show Quality bridles include double bridles, dressage bridles, hunter show bridles & TWH bridles. Please check the site out! We also make LSQ halters,
    martingales and breastplates!

    Totally Custom Tack Shop
    Cutting edge tack made to your specifications and dreams. Specializing in current show trends and custom fit sizing. Also a COWS dealer for all those performance needs!

    Pacific Crest
    Tack, jumps, obstacles, dressed dolls, doll clothes & chaps, costumes. Custom orders accepted. LSQ, money back guarantee, orders filled promptly.

    Gail Berg Photography
    Includes sample photos, "How to ship/store" page and more.

    Square Rigger Ranch
    needlepoint saddle pads, almost any design and color possible!

    Freebyrd Stables &. BEEF MADE-Saddlery

    Mystic Acres Studios
    This web site highlights my LSQ Western and saddleseat tack
    sets for the discriminating model horse enthusiast :-)

    Wild Horse Books & Art
    The largest supplier for books, kits and plans for building model horse drawn wagons, carriages, sleighs and carts. Also a few parts including wheels, carriage bolts and springs.
    Submitted: 10/10/06

    Winding Creek Stables Jumps and Props
    Scale jumps and props for a variety of events and in a variety of styles.
    Submitted: 3/29/06

    Cindy Walker - Ghost Horse Studios / The Beaded Saddle
    LSQ hand beaded Native American Indian model horse show performance costumes - My costumes win at the shows! Custom Indian dolls, saddles, travois, custom horses and dioramas in all scales from 1:6
    scale Marx to Breyer and Stone Traditional, Classic, stablemate and micro-mini. I also do custom beaded tack and items for real horses and people including halters, bridles, breast collars, belts, barrettes,
    jewelry and dog collars, Native American Regalia, and more. Just ask me!
    Submitted: 4/20/10

    Red Pony Creations
    Live show Quality tack and Rider Dolls for your Model Horses. My work has helped numerous horses win class after class, to NAN qualify, and take home many Champions and Reserves.
    Submitted: 11/12/05

    Haras de Falde
    Unique model horse tack maker in France, specialized in English tack in traditional and classic scales : draft and light breed halters and show bridles, dressage and jumping saddles, hand stitched girth and
    boots. Thanks for looking!
    Submitted: 8/13/05

    Full Moon Studios
    LSQ metal horseshoes for all scales of Breyers. Also, trot-over poles, OFs, and props.
    Submitted: 5/20/05

    Frequent Flyer Model Horse Studio
    Resins and hard to finds models for sale!
    Submitted: 12/10/04

    Darkstorm Studio of the Niagara Region
    LSQ Model horse tack, costumes and accessories.
    Submitted: 11/29/04

    Jennifer's Imagination
    Top-of-the-line LSQ Arabian Native Costumes by Jennifer Wilson. Well over 100 NAN cards, 2 NAN Championships and several NAN Top 10's have been earned by my work in the short time I have been
    producing costumes. Top quality web site work is also available.
    Submitted: 11/8/04

    Doolittle's Creations
    Top LSQ English and Dressage saddles, bridles and accessories. (Traditional sized - 3 sizes of hunter/jumper saddles & 3 sizes of dressage saddles)
    Submitted: 10/28/04

    Black Rose Studio
    Greetings and well met!
    Here at Black Rose, I strive to recreate model tack of the past with a emphasis on the MEDIEVAL period. Lords and Ladies, and War Horses of old can all be found on this page. Everything is documented
    and well researched. Come stop by, have some mead and lets talk about the Knight in your life!
    Submitted: 9/23/04

    Stateline Tack
    all you need for a horse
    Submitted: 9/14/04

    super horses ranch
    share the joy of owning a virtual horse!! at no cost
    Submitted: 9/12/04

    The Legend of the Arabian Horse
    A unique poem and stunning art work as a framed painting, t-shirt, and more.
    Submitted: 9/8/04

    T Bar T Miniature Horse Farm
    Picture galleries of over 100 Miniature
    Horses, mini tips, articles, mini horses for sale, and hundreds of equine links. Home of four National Champions!
    Submitted: 8/21/04

    Shenanigans models and tack
    LSQ Arabian native costumes, halters, saddles and other tack for sale.
    Submitted: 8/5/04

    Authentic Arabian & Bedouin Native Horse Costume
    %100 Handmade Authentic Arabian & Bedouin Native Horse Costume form Syria
    Low Prices of
    Halters, Breast Collar, Saddles and others
    Submitted: 6/28/04

    Authentic Arabian & Bedouin Native Horse Costume
    %100 Handmade Authentic Arabian & Bedouin Native Horse Costume form Syria
    Low Prices of
    Halters, Breast Collar, Saddles and others
    Submitted: 6/28/04

    Rosewood Saddle Co.
    Offering lines of miniature saddles and show dolls in traditional scale
    Submitted: 6/23/04

    Equestrian Stables
    Arabian costumes and halters.
    Submitted: 5/25/04

    Full Moon Studios
    LSQ metal horseshoes for Traditional and Stablemate models.
    Submitted: 5/21/04

    Horse Play Model Tack Design
    LSQ model horse tack for great prices.
    Until (4/25/04 or until site has an update on home page) please e-mail me your orders because forms aren't working correctly.
    Submitted: 4/26/04

    Toy-Horse Tack
    LSQ Western, English, and Parade saddles available. My saddles have helped numerous horses to NAN qualify. I am currently taking orders. Please take a look !
    Submitted: 3/30/04

    LSQ English and Western tack Traditional, classic, pebbles, stablemate.
    Submitted: 2/23/04

    Fieldstone Studio
    Custom LSQ Jumps and props. Specializing in Stablemate scale. Also LSQ Custom horses and Equine art in Oils. Accepting orders.
    Submitted: 2/14/04

    Argyle farm Creations
    Custom made scale model horse carts, carriages, harnesses and other related tack for Live model showing. NAN qualified designs and sets. In business since 1999. I've been showing model horses since the
    1970's. Visit the web site for many photos and price listing for current year creations. Some items are discontinued for 2004. Many items in stock listed on eBay each week.
    Submitted: 1/10/04

    High Desert Saddlery
    Home of Top LSQ & Multi-NAN Championship Saddles and Tack. Specializing in Western Pleasure, Roping, Reining, Cutting, Barrel Racing, and Full Dress Parade Saddle Sets. Making dreams come true; one
    saddle at a time!
    Submitted: 12/18/03

    Castelli Bocello Kennel Club
    Affordable model dog customizing.  Portrait models and most breeds done.  Great for show,collecting or as props for your displays. Also other props and web design.
    Submitted: 11/18/03

    Beth's Country Craft Shoppe
    Handcrafted Pioneer Reproductions~
    Authentic 'Scale' Horse-Drawn Pioneer Wagons, Buggies and Transports! All our Pioneer transports are completely handmade...these are NOT kits! Each "Traditional Breyer or Clydesdale horse is completely
    Each pioneer wagon is intricately crafted by hand then signed, dated and numbered making them a true collector's item. They are mounted on a solid pine board with protective covering on the bottom
    to protect your furniture.

    Our folk art rustic decor & gifts are sure to please! Retail & Wholesale.
    Submitted: 9/27/03

    Hopeful Farms
    I do 3 different styles of Arabian halters and bridles all LSQ and for Trad to Stablemate! To time to time I even have a outfit for sale!
    Submitted: 9/20/03

    Prancing Pony Studios
    LSQ English, Western, Peruvian, other tack for reasonable prices. Build the western saddle set of your dreams. Rare models also for sale!
    Submitted: 8/18/03

    -Gaia Studios-
    Custom LSQ tack by Gaia, as well as cm services.
    Submitted: 8/14/03

    Welcome to Lazy Moose Ranch, this site specializes in Arabian Costumes. Our favorites are the mini's, but will find all sizes. Also for sale from time to time are miniature scale jumps and props!!!!
    Submitted: 8/2/03

    Little Arenas
    Traditional-scale riding arenas, western corrals and round pens, all featuring authentic wood-pole fencing and genuine decomposed-granite sand footing.
    Submitted: 7/9/03

    ALL NEW....Latex rubber trail accessories! Fallen logs, Rocks of all sizes, stumps...and FINALLY AT LONG LAST....A RAMBLIN' STONE WALL (no more pebbles hot glue-gunned together!!!)
    All in flexible, durable, unbreakable, heavy-duty latex rubber...CHECK IT OUT!!
    Submitted: 7/9/03

    Alicia's Couture Corral
    Specializing in Circus Costumes.
    My costumes have NAN'd and won reserve Champion.
    Come and see....
    Submitted: 6/30/03

    Alkoni Studios
    Now accepting orders for Custom Repaints. My models are all painted in oils with great attention to detail.
    Submitted: 6/24/03

    Bar None Tack
    I do about 15 custom tack orders a year, I can make any Rio Rondo Kit for you and customize it with Rio rondo supplies. I make quality English tack, the pictures on my website are old and will be revised
    with much nicer looking tack on about 7/01/03.
    Submitted: 6/23/03

    A Neon Moon
    LSQ saddle/bridles, English & Western. LSQ harness. One-of-a-kind trail props mountain setting with natural glass covered creek with swimming trout. No two are alike. Can make to your specifications.
    Can provide detailed pictures.
    Submitted: 6/20/03

    KTM Breyer Horses - Online Store
    We offer the full line of Breyer Model Horses and Animals at the lowest prices with a personal touch. We offer gift-wrapping, gift cards, and hand-picking of orders. We also carry Peter Stone Horses and
    animal-related flags, garden flags, doormats, mousepads, pillows, doorstops and accent rugs.
    Submitted: 5/30/03

    High Country Photography and Tack!
    We specialize in making Cavalry Sets and Australian Tack. Our work is LSQ and NAN Top Tenned! Custom orders being accepted now. Website is under construction.
    Submitted: 3/13/03

    Anja and Emily's sales barn
    offering model horses and sometimes props for sale, please visit!
    Submitted: 3/12/03

    Arabian Acres
    Custom made live show quality model Arabian halters collars costumes (Bedouin and Hollywood style) for Breyer, Peter Stone and Resins

    Elysian Fields
    want top LSQ model horse tack? Need a new winner for the English, western, harness or Arabian costume show ring? Then this is the place for you!
    the site is currently in progress...hope that you find what you are looking for. You can e-mail me at tackmakr@pacbell.net
    Submitted: 2/17/03

    BD Wagons and Saddlery Shop
    Welcome to our shoppe!
    In these pages, you will find some of the finest HAND-CRAFTED replicas of items from the Old West, including wagons, saddles and tack for model-sized horses. Glad you came to visit...hope you can sit a
    Submitted: 1/16/03


    North American Model Horse Shows Association

    October Horse Farm
    Are you new to the whole "Model Horse Thing"? Then come here! Check out my horses that are Standing at Stud and my Brood mares! Breeding is free and membership is free! FREE FREE FREE

    Tails-n-Tails Ranch
    This web site has ongoing free photo shows, a wonderful selection of sires, and awesome one of a kind features. Come and visit!

    Downlands Model Horse Equestrian
    Our website offers model horses for everyone around the uk.  We have model horse photo and live shows. We have our own breeding system. We hold competions and fun games so come and visit
    Downlands Model Horse Equestrian

    Salmon Model Horse 4-H Club
    The SMH4HC is trying to locate other model horse 4-H clubs so we can start a national list of clubs. Our club members are also responsible for the realization of Capella, Breyer's Abaco Barb. We also host
    the Abaco Barb Youth Project. For more information on our club, the youth project and other 4-H model horse clubs, please visit our website.

    International Course Designer
    Interesting sites for show jumping riders

    Lakeview Stable
    Shows for model horses/dogs and a registry soon to come!

    Metropolitan Atlanta Model Horse Club
    We are a relatively new club located in Metro Atlanta, GA. We are hoping to get new members from all over, so come check us out, if you live in Atlanta or not!

    Model Horse Association Australia
    Free Photo Shows, Free Registration... This club (M.H.A.A) has everything! Come and visit and check out our Poll, anytime. Photo Shows all year round... For all types of model horses.
    Cya Round!

    Crystal Creek Breyer Model Horse Club (CCBMHC)
    this site is still not completely finished- but hopefully it will soon be set up to be a great club for model horse collectors all over the US.

    International Spotted Model Horse Registry
    This registry is open to ALL horses that show color. They must have either pinto, appaloosa or even pintaloosa markings. These horses can be of any breed, color patterns, gender, heritage and make/mold.

    lothlorian farms model horse club
    lothlorian farms has a new site address!! check it out for a more improved lothlorian farms!!
    become a member and enter our FREE model horse shows!! this is a completely free club!! that means FREE OF CHARGE join today, you wont regret it.

    Exotic Model Horse Registry & Club
    The EMHRC was made to promote the showing of models with pinto, spotted or pintaloosa patterns and those of rare breeds. It was also designed to encourage pedigree assignment and to provide a place
    to meet other hobbyists! Shows are free and open to anyone!

    Sandhills Horse
    Offering Photo Shows, model horses for sale, Real horses for sale, message board - newly updated (12-2005). Starting new show season (since having baby) beginning in January, 2006. Come check us out.

    All Brands Model Horse Association
    Participate in FREE online photo shows! There are monthly shows, weekly shows, specialty shows and in December is our Championship show! Meet other friendly hobbyists, post your sales/wanted lists,
    get critiques on your models, add your farm/stable link and more! Everyone is welcome!

    Coloured And Spotted Model Equine Society - CASMES
    A club for all coloured and spotted equines. Monthly photo shows, monthly e-mail newsletter, twice yearly magazine, registration of models, grading, Members only Grand Photo Show every year with
    rosettes and awards.

    I'm holding a model horse, dog, and cat photo show to benefit and help save the Abaco Barb Horses. There are only 8 of the horses left. Please help me raise money to save them! Please, email me with
    any questions- I hope to see all of your beautiful pictures! Open to any shower: novice-advanced

    International club, we offer, on line shows, photo shows,live shows,
    our members receive a colour magazine every 2 months, check out the site which gives you all the information on The Model Horse Society,how to join, what we offer our members, etc.

    highgrovestud model horses
    well highgrovestud is just a fun site for model horse fans it includes model horse shows and has customized horses on it. You can even have your own photos and letters on it. Please visit our site you will
    not regret it. And also enter your pics in our model horse show.

    Exotic Model Horse Registry
    The EMHR was designed for people with a passion for brightly colored and rare breed horses and for anyone interested in pedigree assignment and model horse showing.

    On Into Canter Yahoo! Group
    OIC offers regular online photo shows - for FREE. No membership fees, no show fees. Absolutely no costs of any kind! Our goal is simply to let model horse hobbyists HAVE FUN showing without the

    Buffalo Niagara Model horse Collectors
    Western New York model horse group formed to help find other collectors and show holders in the area

    Peter Stone Drafters Yahoo Group
    This group is for the Peter Stone Drafters lovers out there. Also so we are having are first SR this year.

    Model Foal Breeder's Association(MFBA)

    If your tired of having to show your babies against the big boys, then this is the club for you. This is a club to show only foals up to 2 years old. There are two shows a month-OF and CM, judged by the
    same judge, so you only spend one postage money.

    Breyer Model Horse Registry - BMHR
    A club and registry for Breyer lovers of all ages and levels of experience. We offer free monthly shows, an active email list, annual Grand Nationals, and year end high point awards. Formerly the Breyer All
    Breed Registry (BABR).

    News from the model horse society,show schedules,photos of other members horses,message board, for sale and wanted boards and lots more.

    Treasure Valley Model Horse Club
    A Family-oriented club for all ages in the Boise, Idaho Area. Showing, clinics and more!

    Colored Model Horse Registry
    A great registry and club for lovers of flashily patterned model horses! All Paint/Pinto and Appaloosa PATTERNED models are accepted, regardless of breed! Year end awards, advertising, photo shows,
    raffles, auctions and a newsletter for members!

    Breyer Original Finish Club
    BOFC was established in 1984 and is a photo show club ONLY for OF Breyers to compete in both halter and performance classes. Year End Awards include OF Traditional and Classic Breyers and LSQ tack.

    Smiley Ranch Model Horses
    Smiley Ranch Model horses holds monthly photoshows/racemeets, year end awards, games, polls, contests, recommended artists, and more!

    Model Equine Showers Association
    MESA is a club designed for ALL showers. There are 2 divisions - Novice/Intermediate & Advanced - each with its own class list & MPS. These divisions help members to compete with others at the same
    level of experience. There is a show train option; a quality bi-monthly newsletter; benefit shows; year-end awards & much more. MESA's goal is to put FUN & FRIENDSHIP back into model showing! Come
    join MESA & rediscover, or discover for the first time, the FUN of showing! Check out our new website for more info on the club, how to join & how to obtain a sample newsletter.

    American Model Arabian Horse Association
    Welcome to AMAHA's home on the Internet.
    Founded in 1975. MPPAC merged in 1991 & MARC merged in 1996.

    AMAHA has been THE club for Model Arabians and their owners since 1975!

    Deep South Model Horse Club
    The Deep South's great club web site...home of BayouLand Live and TONS of pictures

    Norse Horse Association & Registry - we're devoted to promoting the breeds of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and we also include those from Estonia) as well as any crosses
    (mules too!). Bi-monthly newsletter, bimonthly photo shows. Members from all over the world! ANYONE interested in the Nordic breeds is welcome.

    Model Horse Owners Of Alaska Club
    Exclusive model horse club for Alaskans. Were few and far between, so lets all join together. One-time registration fee, Full color newsletter "The Northern Horse", Photo Show Discounts and much

    National Model Breeder's Club & Registry
    is a club for all ages and levels of horse model enthusiasts.
    We feature monthly photo shows, race meets, newsletter, year end awards, ect...

    AMCRC (American Model Custom/Resin Club)
    AMCRC is an all breed club for custom & resin model horses. Featuring separate monthly halter & performance shows, separate year end awards, a bi-monthly newsletter, an on-line mailing list, discounted
    entry fee to Cow Country Live & more

    The Swedish Model horse Society

    American Long Ears Society

    International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association
    IPABRA was designed for those interested in pedigree assignment and to promote education in color genetics, bloodlines, and breed types.

    Georgia Equine Miniaturists

    Atlantic Coast Model Horse Assn.